5 Frozen Ways to Wake Up

I know frozen came out ages ago, but this was a draft from ages ago. Sorry I didn’t post anything for eight months…

5. Be excited.


“Coronation day?”

1 minute later…



It will work.

4. Have a sister or brother wake you up.

And be prepared to return the favor.

3. Be perfection.

Characters Who Woke Up Like This_Anna

Everybody, meet… PERFECTION!!!

2. Have ice powers.


You’ll be forced to wake up because everyone will want an ice dress/statue/ice rink/personal flurry/talking snowman. But a plus would be people would pay millions just to see you make them.

1. If you happen to have No.2 or know somebody who does, build a snowman.

(It doesn’t have to be a snowman).


Who knows, maybe you could ask the snowman to wake you up. Maybe.


Top 6 Phrases That Mean Nothing, Nought, Whatever Comes Before Uno!

  • Peace out. What does that even mean? My best guess is that it means “I will leave you in PEACE by going OUT of the room/park/building/random place/other”.
  •  Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A circle has no beginning (thank you J.K. Rowling, I would have never thought of that).
  • If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed. One, how would you PICK UP the mountain, two, how do you think you would TRANSPORT the mountain and three, if he can’t get to the mountain, then how are you gonna MOVE HIM up the mountain? HUH? And I think it might be the other way round…
  • Be a good sport! Since when was I called Football? Or Basketball? No one has ever said “Hello Tennis!” to me. And HOW would a sport be good!?!?!
  • Great work Sherlock 😦 . Has it ever occurred to you that Sherlock was FICTIONAL? Or that he was C L E V E R? My friend thought Sherlock was Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyy DUM. She also didn’t know that he was from a book, just like Harry Potter (I have read all of the Harry Potter books), Artemis Fowl (Reading) or Tracy Beaker (going to read).
  • What’s the meaning of life? Duh!! The meaning of life is to write every single tiny detail, interesting or not, on twitter, youtube or facebook for the entire world to see how you can see a blue and black dress, watch someone’s little brother bite their finger or read about how you ate a sandwich for lunch.

    P.S. This is me trying (and failing) to be funny.

  • Experimenting with Dad

    A few days ago I did some experiments. The first one didn’t work. In the experiment you’re supposed to cut a potato in half, get two plates, put some normal water on one plate, and salty water on the other, then put the potatoes face down on each plate, wait… wait… wait… (you have to do a lot of waiting). Then see which shrivels up. Turned out that neither shrivelled up, not even on the inside!!!Featured image

    The second experiment worked fine though. To make it you need to mix two teaspoons of cornflour with one teaspoon of water. You end up with goo that is a solid and a liquid… but I forgot what the name for that is!!* 😀

    I didn’t take any pics though… : I

    And then I made sherbet. You mix twenty teaspoons of icing sugar with one teaspoon of citric acid, bicarbonate of soda. And then add some jelly crystals. It tasted nice.

    I also got a bicycle ramp from Halfords. This is it. It was fun. I also made a  board game with my dad we were going to call it wizard wipeout… but then I found out the name had already been used for something else. So now we have to think of another name for it.

    * The name of the goo in the second experiment is called non-Newtonian fluid.


    I’ve got nothing to blog about right now (okay I know that you can’t write that you have nothing to write about. But that doesn’t mean you can write “I played Terraira today”).

    Christmas Card Idea’s For 2014

    Christmas Card 1 – Mum

    There’s nothing to say except…

    “There’s no point looking in this card – no money.”

    That’s what it say’s on the front of the card. On the inside it say’s “See.”.

    Theres also a pop up £100 note.

    Christmas Card 2 – Dad

    This card is based on a russian doll, so the card is basically one card, with an envelope inside, then another card, with an envelope inside, then another card, with an envelope inside, then another card, with an envelope inside, then another card, with an envelope inside. At the end you get a teeny card that say’s “oh! FINALLY!”.

    I perfer to make my own Christmas card’s, because its fun and most of the time simple.

    My Christmas List For 2014

    This is my wish list for 2014. It’s kind of a joke list, but I really want this stuff.

    Dear Santa,

    I have been 95% (probably) good this year, so can I please have:

    A Diggs Nightcrawler Wonderbook game,

    A PS4, Wii U or/and Xbox One,

    Some silver, gold, red, blue, white, (and other colors) paint,

    A big  HUGE LEGO creator set,

    A slushie maker,

    An Animin virtual pet (not out yet),

    £100 – £1000,

    A Nerf Gun,

    A Horrible Science kit,

    A Horrible Science book,

    A Skylanders Trap Team game,

    A Skylanders Swap Force game,

    Some BLUE roller skates,

    A Frozen or Hello Kitty projector watch,

    Spy Pen camera,



    Cola bottles,

    And extra LEGO peices.

    P.S. I would also like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,

    Three chocolate reindeer,

    A smartphone,

    Sky for one hundred years (or one month),

    my friend Cayla Doll.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Today I’ve been playing Animal Crossing. I was also playing it yesterday, but before I could, the UNTHINKABLE happened, my 3DS BROKE. I set it to update hoping that somehow it would read disks again. And it read “an error has occurred”. I could have SCREAMED.

    But then, it was fine. So I played New Leaf untill I got loads of money (£££=YAHOO!!!!). Then I searched “Animal Crossing: New Leaf unlock shops” I eventually found out how to unlock everything. I could have cried. EVERYTHING was somehow related to spending lots and lots and lots and lots of cash (and I didn’t have that much cash).


    I need more money for my Dream suit.